Like Athletic Therapists, Physiotherapists also have a wide range of musculoskeletal injury knowledge. Physiotherapists may also deal with neurological conditions, among other pathological conditions of the human body. Physiotherapist's tend to use a combination of passive manual techniques, therapeutic modalities and exercise programming to get clients back to their daily functioning. 

Physiotherapy can both prevent and rehabilitate injuries. Many individuals with chronic conditions wait until their pain is quite significant before seeking help, which often means that it takes a lot longer to recover because the injury has been building for quite some time. Seeking Physiotherapy treatment whenever something starts feeling “off” or “not right” may help to nip such an injury in the bud and prevent it from becoming a significant problem down the road.

Our Physiotherapist Chirayu has a lot of sport specific knowledge and an expertise in arthritis. Physiotherapist Chirayu has also taken additional post-grad courses in Kinesio-taping, manual therapy and neural mobilizations. To book in for your Physiotherapy initial assessment, call 416-252-5776 today!