Athletic Therapy

Experts in musculoskeletal injuries, Athletic Therapists use a combination of passive manual rehabilitation techniques in combination with sport specific, and work specific exercise programming in order to get clients back on their feet and back into their sport or workplace.

Athletic Therapy has a unique scope of practice in the sense that they are typically the individuals you see running out onto the field during a sporting event when an athlete goes down with an injury. Athletic Therapists know how to deal with injuries immediately when they occur, through the span of the healing process, as well as knowing all of the specific strengthening regimens needed for each individual injury, for specific stages of healing, and for return to sport or work.

If you have tried other modes of rehabilitation without success, perhaps Athletic Therapy will be the right fit for you. To book in with one of our Athletic Therapists, or to learn more about the field of Athletic Therapy, give us a call today!


Jacquelyn LeDrew: Clinic Owner; Certified Athletic Therapist