Massage Therapy

Massage Therapists use a variety of hands on techniques to loosen tense musculature and increase joint mobility. A range from soft to deep tissue massage can be utilized depending on the clients needs. Registered Massage Therapists briefly assess clients to determine and develop a treatment plan to reach specific patient goals. Massage Therapists may also provide advice on what a client can do at home to maintain the desired decrease in tension and increase in joint mobility. 

Massage has many benefits that differ for each individual. Massage Therapy can be beneficial to increase circulation in the body, which can help promote proper healing after injury. Massage Therapy can also help decrease stress by relaxing the typical areas of tension related to increased levels of stress in the body. Massage Therapy can also break up adhesion’s in muscle fibers that are often a causing factor for discomfort and/or pain in the body’s soft tissues.

Our Massage Therapists have an abundance of experience with both Sports related and chronic overuse injuries. If you think Massage Therapy could benefit you, please give us a call to book your first session. 416-252-5776.