Sports Dietitian

Commencing March 2019, we are adding Sports Dietitian Stephanie MacNeill to our team. Stephanie understands the needs of an Athlete since she was one herself, competing at Canadian National running championships for both short and long distances. Stephanie combines her passion for nutrition with her love of Athletics and has experience working with both competitive and recreational athletes of various ages and levels.

Sports Dietitians are unique in that they have further training in what nutrition needs are required for different levels of different athletic realms. A Sports Dietitian can suggest pregame or post-game meals for optimal performance and recovery. A Sports Dietitian can develop nutrition programs to optimize muscle gains, to minimize fat stores, to optimize supplementation, etc.

Our dietitian can also work with the general public for nutrition based healthy aging, diabetes management, food allergies/intolerance, etc. To inquire about booking a consultation or our dietitian fee schedule, call 416-252-5776.