Custom Orthotics

Our Pedorthist has been working in the Greater Toronto Area for over 10 years with her business “Pedorthics in Motion”. She performs in depth analyses of the foot mechanics to determine each individuals needs with regards to the possibility of increasing foot support through custom orthotics and/or ankle foot orthotics. She also does fitting for custom compression stockings to help decrease lower leg swelling and promote circulation.

Orthotics can be beneficial in many ways. Orthotics can help re-balance the lower body to help with joint pain in the foot, ankle, knee. hip and/or low back. Orthotics can also be used to prevent the aforementioned problems.

If you aren’t sure whether orthotics are right for you, our pedorthist can call you or set up a meeting to discuss whether or not they could be of use for your individual needs. To book your orthotic consult, call Sarah at 416-887-4109.