On Tuesday evenings from 8:05pm-8:50pm we offer glute and core strengthening for the prevention and rehabilitation of low back and hip injuries. Although it is a rehabilitative exercise class, it is also an excellent workout and you will definitely feel the burn.

Between the ribs and the hip bones, the abdominal or “core” muscles are the main supportive structures for your lower back or lumbar spine; therefore, keeping the core muscles strong is crucial in decreasing the likelihood of injury or re injury to the low back.

The glute or “butt muscles”, if not contracting properly may cause the low back muscles to be overactive which can lead to tension, pain and potentially injury. Once again, these glute muscles need to be strong in order to keep your body in functioning optimally and also to aid in such movements as squatting down to pick something up from the ground.

New class topics are in the works and will be added in Spring 2019.

Please don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions. 416-252-5776.

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